An American persona

Hello! My name is Lily Brown 😊. I’m 18 years old. I from Orlando (Florida). I’m a student of University of Central Florida and I work part-time by consultant in a clothing store “H&M”, it’s interesting enough. I like to see how people enjoy shopping and experience positive emotions from purchasing. Also, I have a hobby, it’s dancing. On free time I go to the Dance studio and spend about 3–4 hours there. I adore this activity and it helps me to get relax.

I have a family. There are 4 people: father, mother, elder sister and me. Parents brought up us in love. We are really close-knit family and I try to spend as much time with them as possible. Also, we have relatives who spread all over the world, we really miss them and at Christmas we spend whole holidays together at grandparents house.

I have a boyfriend-Michael. He deal with selling new cars and he like his work all his heart. We fell in love with each other at first sight.We like spending time together and visit different place. We travelled to Miami and St. Petersburg. It was great trips! We have many friends, they are really good people and we like to spend time together. It’s the best time! I have best-friend Nataly she is a beautiful girl. We are friend about 5 years, we met each other at the school and then we became as thick as thieves. She always makes me laugh when I’m sad.

I’m surrounded by a lot of good people, I really appreciate it. It’s great to have a immediate family, boyfriend and friends. I very happy!