First month at the university📚

Today is the 5th of October and it means that I have been a student for a month. September was really full of interesting moments and I really like my students life.

First of all, I want mention that university is really differ from school. (Lectionaries, teachers and free time). I was surprised that English may be such interesting lesson. Games, pleasure reading and dialogs help to feel pleasure from studying. I discovered that learn dialogs and songs is not hard. It’s funny. 🙃

Secondly, Thanks for our teacher, maths stopped being such Awful and uninteresting. Now I go there with smile and I could solve the task at the blackboard this is my small achievement.

Moreover, I didn’t expected that our group became friendly in such a little time. Now I have friends and it is wonderful! I really happy 😊.

Only one thing is difficult for me in a students life is get up so earlier that at school and to get on university by bus. In other aspects I am really enjoy that I am at the LUNN.

As for the most memorable moments from those 5 weeks are teambulding and our English lesson about pleasure reading.

After teambuilding I was full of fun emotions. I had many new friends and did different interesting exercises after it our team become friends and now we are have group where we connect with each other. 🏃‍♀️

Pleasure reading help me to understand that I can read a book on English, moreover it is more interesting that do it on Russian. Doing posters helped to find creativity people in our students group. Every get funny emotions.

Now I want to discuss about goals that I would like to set for the following month in English. 💡

  1. To read a small book on English. Tomorrow I will go to the book shop for buying it.
  2. To improve my pronunciation .
  3. To understand American pronunciation. At the Friday I started watched my favourite serial “friends”.
  4. Practice, practice and practice to talk on English.

I am sure this month will be great!😍