How do you look, girl?

Hello, guys! Today I realized that you know my mind on different topic, my goals in studying, but you don’t know how I look. It’s time to change this moment and show my appearance.
My face
I have a typical face with fair complexion, I like to do make up, because my skin is thin because of it there are some redness. My eyes are blue and it has an fun feature, when I smiling (I like do it very much), my eyes become narrow and some people wonder about it.
what about hair?
My natural haor color is medium brown, but 4 years ago I dyed my hair to blond color, my mother is hairdresser and it’s really easy. That time was full of different experiments with shades of blond. I didn’t give up, and at this summer my mother make great color which I want whole my life. It was Wonderful!!! But now I want to recover my hair and grow it. I have a wavy hair with shoulder-length but I straighten it every time.