It is the end of second semester and I would like to conclude my progress. I formulated my goals clearly and I think I have a success. First of all I’m proud of better understanding English daily speech. At this semester I watched many cartoons in English and it really help me, I even watched “Cheburashka and Gena” in English it was really funny.

Also I really glad that I read 2 books in English this year. It was really significant for me. It was hard sometimes but it worth doing.

And I really happy about we got closer with my group-mates. Especially with Olesya. We interned together and it was a great time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t achieve some goals. I didn’t read a book in English in addition to Pleasure Reading and I didn’t visit English Speaking Club because I started work in this semester and didn’t have time on it. It really sad. I hope the next year will be even more successful.