It never rains but it pours

It’s short story about boy Mark. He is a 14 years old boy and he is at a transitional age right now. It’s so hard for him because he is really depressed person.

He has only one friend-Jim and they are really different. Jim a positive and funny boy who are happy about everything. Today they met at Jim’s home.

-Hello, Mark! I’m glad to see you, I think that you don’t come.

-Hello, Jim. It’s awful day, but I glad to see you too. your home is the unique place where I feel myself comfortable.

-Oh, what’s wrong, boy? I am sure that It’s a storm in a teacup. Tell me about everything!

-In morning I was feeling a bit under the weather, but I had many plans for today.

-Don’t panic, may be you didn’t get enough sleep. For example, I was sick yesterday, but today I am right as rain.

- I walked with my dog and it was rain cats and dogs! I was soaked! Obviously, an Indian summer has finished. I returned to home and went to school where I had a new problem. We should present our project with Bill, but all report he had his head in the clouds. I was very angry because everything told only I and we get mark of 4. At that moment I thought that It never rains but it pours!

-Mark, I tell you so long time, that Bill is a fair-weather friend. Remember how many times he set you up! I advise you to tell with him about it.

-Oh, I see, but no one of my classmates communicate with me. You are my only friend.

-Continue your story, Mark.

-After school I went to bus stop for go to your home and car doused me with water from a puddle, and now I here.

-Wow, today you had a really nervous day, but I’m sure it won’t finish awful! I’ll try to make you a bit funny. Every cloud has a silver lining!