Murder on the Orient Express

The book was written by famous English writer Agatha Christie known for her detective novels and stories. it is a work of detective fiction which is known all over the world and it is the first reason why should you read it.

The main character is Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. He is traveling when he is suddenly called back to London. He travels back with a friend Bouc, a director of the Wagon Lit. During the first night of the trip, the train is need to stop due to a snow. The next morning the body of one of the passengers is found, the victim having suffered multiple uneven stab wounds. At the request of the company’s director, Poirot was solve the murder. The time of the action is 1930s.

My mother is a fan of the adventures of Hercule Poirot and she always advised me to read Books about him. I thought for a long time about that Book to take for pleasure reading and after reading on the Internet that this book is suitable for a beginner, I decided to read this book.

I’m sure if you want to feel the atmosphere of the 30s and participate in a mysterious murder investigation-this book is for you!

The language of the book is medium and I could understand the part which I read. I think this book is the best for students!