Hello! I would like to share new vocabulary with you.

  1. Dasha fell asleep during the gathering and her boss was very angry.
  2. I’m staying in to prepare for a study session with Olesya.
  3. Now, you should lie down and make yourself comfortable.
  4. I got there late after midnight but my mother was waiting up for me.
  5. She stayed out about three days after conflict with father.
  6. Jane invited me to crash at her home and have a pajama party.
  7. He got a big salary this month because he doing too many after-hours works.
  8. Mike don’t be such a spoilsport and let’s go to the party right now!
  9. Jane would like going out after her work and eat ice cream.
  10. If you want turning in you should get bed linen.
  11. Do you want to eat? My father ordered in some Japanese food for us.
  12. I stayed up for a long time, so we could finish our talk.
  13. After a long journey like that I’m ready to to hit the sack and get relax.
  14. After preparing for exams Kate is all tuckered out.
  15. Misha was tired after work and decided to have dozed off.
  16. I would like to go out for a walk in the park after your lessons.
  17. Ann was completely exhausted after this hard week.
  18. A night out is the best solution for fighting with depression.

Thank you for your attention!