Today I find that I didn’t post about book that we have chosen in our “pleasure reading team”. It was a book “Peter Pan”. We find a book for a long time, it was really hard to find a book to make it suitable for everyone. This book seemed to us the best choice because everyone of us like a fairy tales, this book has a simple vocabulary and interesting plot. I liked to read this book, it had a lot of interesting characters and unusual actions. I watched the cartoon “Peter Pan” a long time ago, so now I was interested in reading a book. When you look at this story in adult age you see it in another side. You see the meaning of the story. In book a plot is described more completed. This book meets my expectations because I saw a cartoon and know a plot. It was really interesting to read about adventures of Peter and his friends.
new words from book:

  • shadow — тень
  • wicked — злобный
  • made-up — выдуманный
  • cowardly — трусливо