The movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” 🍿

Today I watched my first movie on English in my life it was “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and I want to share my impressions with you about it. Get comfy!

It’s a positive and interesting story about love. The plot itself is easy and simple but it makes you think about the difficulties for being happy. This film study to break the rules on the way to love and built your own destiny. 💕

Let’s to learn some main aspects of this film 🎞

  • In the beginning of the film Toula worked as a waitress in her family’s restaurant.
  • She first saw Ian when he had a coffee break with friend in her family’s restaurant.
  • She decided to study at the college and get work as a computer specialist in tourism scope.
  • Toula’s family was a Greek and Ian’s family was an American.
  • Toula’s aunt gave her a job at travel agency.
  • One day Ian sawyer in window of travel agency and decided to made her laugh and then he met with her.
  • Toula was afraid to present Ian to her family, because he is not a Greek.
  • Ian loves Toula and asked her to marry him.
  • When her father learned about Ian he was very upset.
  • To Mary Toula Ian had to baptised in Greek church.

I hope you will see this film too and you will like it!

Have a great day and be happy!❤️☺️