The Second Month in LUNN

The second month in LUNN is over too. It was so fast.

I just read my post since October. My main goal is not reached yet. I have not learned English enough, but I try. I played in games for studying English and did different exersices. I think that one month is very short time, I am sure that I have a progress in pronunciation and I really happy about it. Unfortunatelly, sometimes I am lazy. It is the most important difficulty. Also I watched the first season of “Friends” and it was so cool! It became a little easier for me I’m glad to say that! The only failure for me is that I didn’t practiced enough in last month. I embarrassed to suggest people to speak English. I should be confident and getting out of my comfort zone. May be I should have more goals for November.

Now I want to discuss about goals that I would like to set for the following two months in English:

✔ Watch the second season of “Friends”.

✔ Read more and more.

✔add experience in my foreign language skills.

✔ Have more practice to talk on English.

✔ Watch educational videos where English native people speak.

✔ Can understand everything the teacher says in English.

In university life I want to visit more events and be more active in students life and I started do it! Yesterday I visited “образовач” and it was really great and useful event I get many knowledge. In my plans to November there are different events in university. It will be great!