Hello! I have a great news! the second semester has begun! I can’t imagine it, the first half of the first year passed too quickly. Today I would like to set the goals for the second semester.

My first goal will be to succeed in understanding English daily speech.
It’s really hard for me now, because American speech is really fast. I will watch more videos and movies on English. I started follow American bloggers on Instagram and I watch their stories every day. I hope I will understand them more than now.
Also, I want to read a book on English in addition to Pleasure Eeading session. At the first semester I liked reading, in the beginning, I forced myself to read books on Russian, and now I do it with pleasure. The next step is books on English.
Another goal which I want to succeed is to visit English speaking club. I find it in Fall, but I was shy to visit it, because I don’t know anybody. I hope to overcome this.
The last my goal for next semester is to spend more time with my groupmates, because of distance education we didn’t spend time together. I hope I will learn them more properly and we will get closer.