Today was my first study day at the LUNN, I felt mix of emotion and I ready to share my impression with you. It was hard enough not to be late for a lecture but I was lucky and was on time. Lessons was introductory and I didn’t understand my impression but when I go home I understood one thing, I really like this university and I want to go tomorrow there.

Also I want to tell why I am here because there are many other universities in our city and country. My answer is simple-because of it is my dream to be fluent in the language and apply for a master’s degree in the Czech Republic. LUNN it is the best place to make my dream come true. I don’t know how my future will be but I surely know that I should connect my life with foreign languages.

From my first year of college I expect great develop of my skills in language and unforgettable emotions which I will remember while my life. I believe that I won’t regret my choice of university and direction of training. It will be great!

Well, I will be happy to see you tomorrow! Bye!


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