Hello, my friends! Today I would like to tell you about traditional Russian house. Let’s start!
In Russia in general people live in apartment. Mostly in our country prevail 9 nine-storey apartment houses. Typical for families is two-room apartment, in this type of place for living I live with my parents. In Russia people usually count every room, not only bedrooms.
Let’s come into the apartment.
In some houses there is a vestibule, and in others the apartment starts immediately from the stairwell. Vestibule in Russia is a small common place for two or three apartments where people can take off their shoes. After it we came into flat to hallway, there is you can put off your upper clothing. Usually there is a big closet and pictures on the walls.

After this room we go to the bathroom to wash our hands. Bathroom may be two types: combined with toilet and without it. It is more comfortable for living if toilet and bath don’t combined. In our country laundromats aren’t popular, every family has own washing machine at bathroom or kitchen.

Then we go to the kitchen, in apartments in Russia there isn’t separate kitchen and dining room there is a combine place.

Others rooms are bedroom and living room. It’s flat is suitable for families without children or with one-two kids. Parents usually live at living room, at badroom live children.
It’s a finish of our travel around typical Russian house.