Winter holidays

Happy New Year, dears! Today is a first work day after long holidays and I want to share my expression about it! It was the fastest winter holiday in my live, it was such a like a blink of an eye. It was full of different interesting moments.

Firstly, New Year night was wonderful. We celebrated it with ny friends and we had fun. We sung karaoke, listened music, danced and walked around the main street of our district. We decorated flat with special ornament and many lights and it made special cozy atmosphere. Also at the 1st of January my friends and I walked around the Bol’shaya Pokrovskaya street we were surprised by the decorations of this place. It was amazing.

Also, at the holidays my boyfriend and I travelled to Moscow. It was short 3 days trip but we experienced great emotions and visited all main places of interest. I visited Moscow the sixth time but every time I got some expression about this place.
Also, many time on holidays I I did a lot of computer science. This is awful exercises.